George the Victorious Slaying the Dragon
Horse - ezoteric knowledge
Spear - idea
Dragon - the system of laws
Slaying the Dragon means Mastering the System. 
The one who had mastered the knowledge controls the idea, controlling (but not killing) the system, but woman controls the system (in Russia there are only two icons depicting woman leading the Dragon) Bronnikov Method
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Being at home You can cognize the World. You can see the meaning of reality without looking at the window. If you wish and know how then you can learn everywhere and by everyone.

The 1st stage of Bronnikov method

The 1st stage of Bronnikov method is now available as video film "ECOLOGY OF THE SPIRIT".
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About the author of the method


The method invented by Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov represents the combination of the most effective exercises that have been mostly taken from different eastern gymnastics for the purpose of their highest possible efficiency. The sharp increase in human energy potential and synchronization of both cerebral hemispheres activity arise from the training according to Bronnikov method. As a result hidden unclaimed abilities and potentialities of human organism come to light. Furthermore a person switches on the contact with ones super-consciousness.

Cognize yourself, and you cognize whole world

Man has tremendous abilities, but they are unclaimed because we live in technogenic world, shifting performance of many vital activities on technical equipment. The volume of the information coming to the world now is doubled each 3-4 years, and the further, the less this interval! The human mind has not time not only to realize and process, but even to perceive the coming information! Necessity to correspond to surrounding world becomes a condition of a survival of the man and humanity.

Most logically in the given situation is to try to change itself. And the real way to achieve it consists in activization of not involved parts of own brain. Undoubtedly, that the person whom brain works not on 3%-5% as at a great bulk of people, but at least on 10%-20%, possesses not only much greater adaptability, but also powerful developmental ability.

It is known for a long time, that the right hemisphere of a brain is connected with the information phenomena which contact to non-material space. This hemisphere of creative people functions well. Such people receive the information through Super consciousness from a uniform information field. The left hemisphere is connected with the material phenomena. If its work is disturbed, our body develops various pathologies. In total the degree of our consciousness and all organism development depends on harmonious work of both hemispheres as a whole.

Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov has offered humanity a unique method of development which wakens super psychic abilities incorporated in the person from a birth. The method unites modern and ancient knowledge on bio-energy and represents a certain algorithm of brain development. It is the new integrated psychology forming the Homo Conscious, living by knowledge about future, from the Homo Reasonable, living empirically.

Some words about the author of a method. He was born and has grown in Feodossiya. In his family there were 7 inquisitors (one of them - the main inquisitor of Spain, whose godfather was Charles V). One of his ancestors participated in building of fleet on Azov sea, two others were admirals of the Russian fleet. All ancestors possessed art talent. Vyacheslav in the first class blinded a bouquet of roses from plasticine they were like real roses. With especial warmth Vyacheslav Mikhajlovich thinks of his grandmother who possessed unusual power (many even considered she is witch) and deep esoteric knowledge, and gave a lot to her grandson. Till 7 the boy was strongly ill, not once he was between life and death. When he was 2.5 he has been strongly frightened, began to stammer and has almost ceased to speak.

Being the child, he saw world around absolutely differently, than other people. His consciousness was fixing the first "the subtle-material world", energy-informational structures of people, material objects and the nature, and only then - everything that we usually see. All his attempts to explain it to adults did not have any success. He had noticed that adults perceive identical objects absolutely differently. In process of becoming adult his abilities were developing and were far away from the standard, and the treatment of him by associates was more and more aggressive, his attitude of mind was accepted as pathology. As a result the state of his health (sight, hearing, coordination of movements, memory) has been sharply worsened, and speech has been suffered most of all. Doctors even advised to get used to an idea on dumbness.

And in 1966 he met a person who saw something unusual in Bronnikov and asked him: "When you close your eyes, can you see?" "Yes", - the boy has answered. "And what do you see?" "Everything: The red bus will come here from behind the corner." In a minute there was a bus. The person has been extremely surprised. To achieve such ability, it is necessary to be engaged 20-40 years, but Bronnikov was born with those abilities: to see inside itself, to see events. The subsequent meetings with the people possessing certain abilities, have helped him to understand, that he is absolutely healthy mentally, and have prompted him how gradually to restore the broken functions of the organism.

V.M. Bronnikov was trained by different ways, but mainly knowledge was transmitted from consciousness to consciousness, during a sleep. Thus V.M. Bronnikov was trained since the childhood by the Dao monk. Such training at initiated appeared as School of Heavenly Immortal Sacred. Received knowledge Bronnikov has systematized and has founded the new science Cosmo-psycho-biology. In its basis there is one of directions of Dao yoga which secret knowledge of 5 thousands years were replenished, ground and transmitted by teachers to the selected followers. Followers should keep and fill up this knowledge, hiding them from a great bulk of people - because of unavailability of consciousness of mankind to accept this knowledge, as main Dao principle says a maturity, objectivity and timeliness of process!

The most important principle about which always Bronnikov speaks - "a step of the theory, a step of practice". If the person is strong in the theory, but nothing can practically do in a life, then it is a version of schizophrenia. The person, who is active, but not capable to explain anything, is the fanatic. Wise, putting sense, generates the theory and applies it into practice. Wise is the master. The task of Bronnikov and his method is the education of masters.

The first stage

  • Conversion of human organism from passive, weakly-developed, uncontrolled state into active, conscious and controlled state by the immersion into the wonderful world of inner energy.
  • Activization and enhancement of energy tracks. Harmonization of energy centers activity. Extension and strengthening of vertical flows of sun and cosmic energies going through a man.

    The 1st Stage

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