George the Victorious Slaying the Dragon
Horse - ezoteric knowledge
Spear - idea
Dragon - the system of laws
Slaying the Dragon means Mastering the System. 
The one who had mastered the knowledge controls the idea, controlling (but not killing) the system, but woman controls the system (in Russia there are only two icons depicting woman leading the Dragon) Bronnikov Method
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The knowledge of truth elevates heart of men who doesnt sin. The knowledge makes him talented because it makes him free.
--Ancient Christian Apocrypha The Gospel from Foma, 110

The 1st stage of Bronnikov method

The 1st stage of Bronnikov method is now available as video film "ECOLOGY OF THE SPIRIT".
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  About the Author

About the author
Theory part I
Theory part II
Theory part III

Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov


Academician of International Academy of Information, Ph.D., professor
President of International Academy of Human Development
Author of Method Informational Human Development

Founder of Science Cosmic & Psychological Biology
This Science helps to combine all available achievements of natural and precise sciences and knowledge about man super consciousness in united principle system. This Science explains the idea of man existing in material and intermediate spaces, man evolution, and subtle material essences of Solar System in total, let us to get new historical view, to paint a picture of future events, and to object modern reality.

Scientific Bronnikov School forms from Reasonable Man who has empiric living Conscious Man who built his life with future vision and knowledge. New Quality Man creates New Science Science of Conscious Man, New Education, and New Medicine. He does it on the base of Conscious Man Spiritual Ethics. Spirituality is the Way for Cognition of principles and laws for beginning and end of Divine Idea Man. Psychology of Meaning, System Integral Psychology, True Man Philosophy etc. have been assumed as a basis of Bronnikov School.

The 1st stage DVD "Ecology of the Spirit"

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