George the Victorious Slaying the Dragon
Horse - ezoteric knowledge
Spear - idea
Dragon - the system of laws
Slaying the Dragon means Mastering the System. 
The one who had mastered the knowledge controls the idea, controlling (but not killing) the system, but woman controls the system (in Russia there are only two icons depicting woman leading the Dragon) Bronnikov Method
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All questions have answers, but who told you that all answers should be known to you?
--Max Fray

The 1st stage of Bronnikov method

The 1st stage of Bronnikov method is now available as video film "ECOLOGY OF THE SPIRIT".
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(Bronnikov Lessons)

Academician V.M.BRONNIKOV   Theoretical fundamentals of Method   Developing a Sense of Bio-energy   Energy Powering Of the Head
The 1st Stage of the Method (Video film, 2005)

Front side  
The 1st Stage of the Method Informational Human Development.
Educational methodical film consists of two parts
The 1st part of film includes:
1. Theoretical fundamentals of the Method:
- History;
- Energy-informational field structures of man.
2. General safety measures during exercises.
3. Exercises of the 1st Stage of the Method:
- Developing of bio-energy sensations;
- Measuring of fields characteristics;
- Vertical pumping;
- Heaviness-Lightness;
- Dry Tibet massage;
- Dragon.

The 2nd part of film presents:
1. Theoretical fundamentals of the Method the logistic scheme of man fields qualities (aura, according Ledbiter).
2. Exercises of the 1st Stage of the Method:
- Head pumping
- Energy pumping of eyes
- Energetic bell
- Horizontal pumping
- Energy splash
- Splash. Renewal of life power
- Column
- Energetic cocoon.

Exercises are demonstrated by the author of the Method, academician Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov.
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Sample video #1
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Video film duration is 2 hrs 30 min.
The film is translated to English - simultaneous translation.
There is a possibility to switch on subtitles.

The Stage 1 Methodical Manual            

The Stage 1 Methodical Manual  
The Stage 1 Methodical Manual "Harmonization and Development of Organs and Systems Functioning in the Organism of the Person on the Basis of the SLAVIC-TIBETAN System for Forces Restoration, Health Strengthening and LATENT ABILITIES Development".
The Manual contains the description of stage 1 exercises on 42 pages. After pre-payment the Manual will be sent you as .pdf file by email.

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