George the Victorious Slaying the Dragon
Horse - ezoteric knowledge
Spear - idea
Dragon - the system of laws
Slaying the Dragon means Mastering the System. 
The one who had mastered the knowledge controls the idea, controlling (but not killing) the system, but woman controls the system (in Russia there are only two icons depicting woman leading the Dragon) Bronnikov Method
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Many people stay close to the spring but can not slake their thirst.
--“Ancient Christian Apocrypha” The Gospel from Foma, 117

The 1st stage of Bronnikov method

The 1st stage of Bronnikov method is now available as video film "ECOLOGY OF THE SPIRIT".
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If I am the Teacher during the exercise “Vertical Pumping”, it means that my Partner does the certain energetic breath and I do the certain energetic exhalation. Thus, if I did this exercise five times as a Teacher, I lose my energy. I am not going to discuss the Ethics of this situation, but I would like to know how to restore my energy.

First of all, you do not lose your energy. Energetic “breath” and “exhalation” are not correct definitions. The most correct definitions are “the position of Teacher” and “the position of Learner”. How much knowledge the Teacher loses when he gives them to the Learner? Energetic interactions are going according to the next formula:


The sum of Teacher’s and Learner’s energies is equal to the Learner’s energy, plus Teacher’s energy, plus energy of Learner’s regard for Teacher, plus energy of Teacher’s regard for Learner. During the exercise performed by two partners (Teacher and Learner) the sum usually is equal to 1+1+ units of regards = from 5 to 12 (and more) units, but not just 2 units as you thought. This you can check without assistance: Measure the subtle fields of Teacher and Learner before and after exercise, and you will see how many times those fields have been enhanced during the “pumping”. To answer your question about energy restoration – you can do it in few seconds by exercise “Splash”.

How should we keep our hands on the knees during exercises – palms up or palms down? If “sun” energy after sunset changes the direction, why “cosmic” energy also changes the direction?

In Bronnikov manual there are no direct indications concerning this subject. Furthermore, don’t accept so literally used in manual terms. The dividing of energy on “sun” and “cosmic” presents only in Bronnikov method. In other sources you will find other names. If you like we can call them descending and ascending flows. The name does not make the difference. About hands position: I never heard that man takes energy only by palms. Keep them comfortable. The whole body stays in energetic flows that move through everything. Thus the corner between horizon and your palms does not make the difference. Another thing is important here: You shouldn’t cross you legs and hands because when you cross them you lock inner energetic flows.

For example, I don’t like the concrete man that is doing the “pumping” of me, or I don’t want to “pump” somebody. Does it influence the result?

This is the serious question. The energy exchange between people is described by the law of wave function:


The sum of Teacher’s and Learner’s energies is equal to the Learner’s energy, plus Teacher’s energy, plus energy of Learner’s regard for Teacher, plus energy of Teacher’s regard for Learner, i.e. 1+1=3 or 5 or more, dependent on last two components. If those components have a minus you can count then: Strong negative emotion related to partner can reduce effect to the zero.

How can I control and increase the size of my subtle fields?

Each person studying the 1st stage of method is able to measure energetic fields. If the size of your fields is less then the norm you can restore the size in few seconds by “energetic splashes”. Thus, do not be afraid of energetic vampires and energy losses. 2-3 splashes and you are in the norm.

Can I help to person using Bronnikov method if this person does not want it?

Technically it is possible to do, but then you have the Ethic question. Probably it would be better for everybody to solve problems without non-asked assistance, without dictation somebody will to other people.

Why during the work with sensations we lose those energy sensations (in particular, sensation of energy ball) in certain places of our body?

There could be only two reasons. Whether you formed wrong your energy ball, or that is more possible there is some pathology in the place of sensation absence. That pathology can be unknown to you, i.e. there were no symptoms before. There can be old traumas, the salt accumulation, or pathology of any exchanging process. If you treat your body regularly to get sensations then step by step you remove also pathology. Thus, the health improving is actually the by-product of Bronnikov method.

How to do energy ball by the right way?

Let’s remember the eastern phrase: Where is the thought – there is the energy (Chi), where is Chi – there is blood (substance). We can create and keep sensations of energy ball and any other sensation (warm, cold etc) by the creation of their thought-form. Furthermore, we can give to energy ball the autonomy, if we turn created energy sensations between our hands on outer ball contour. Then, according to all physics laws, this locked volume will be saved for long time and sensed much better.

Is the energy accumulates when the cold sensation (not warm) appears in our hands?

Probably, yes. It is possible to control the level of your energy at any moment and to see whether energy accumulates or no. The main thing is that sensations appear. Sensations “library” and their adequate you get later.

Should sensations during different exercises be the same?

Each person has individuality and own diapason of perceived vibrations. Therefore, each person has own sensations. During lessons perceived diapason is raising, quality and quantity of sensations changes. When the level of sensitivity is already developed everybody has similar sensations. But it is not so important. Learner must pay attention to sensations of his physical body all the time for the purpose to cultivate clear Consciousness position, position of the Master who controls both sensations and surrounding. Teacher must watch closely this process. Besides, Learner must immediately report about any pain or other unpleasant sensations. This is the signal to stop this exercise or to decrease its duration. Later on all negative sensations will disappear.

Are we allowed to do the “pumping” of baby?

Baby just forms own energetic cocoon and stays in energetic fields of parents approximately until 12 years old. It would be better to do “pumping” of baby’s mother. Only in exclusive cases we allowed to work with baby directly and it is better if our experts do it. We are against the experiments with babies.

Can we do exercises with music?

Yes, you can. Kind of quiet music or sounds of Nature would be nice accompaniment for exercises. But you should not use songs because they carry information!

How can I become the method instructor? Have I pass the 3rd Stage for this purpose?

According to the “Stature about conferment of IAHD expert qualification” it is not necessary to pass all three stages to be instructor. The 1st stage is enough.

How often should we do exercises that can be done without partner?

Our recommendations are to do exercises every day during at least 10-15 minutes. Even if you do only the part of exercise complex it is better then nothing. It should be the mode of your life.

What can I do if I don’t have time to perform all 1st stage exercises at home, or if somebody interrupts me in the middle of exercise?

I do not have enough time too and usually I do a part of exercises complex at home, and a part I do in transport. If somebody interrupts you during exercise take it easy. Check all exercises in complex. Probably some of them are not necessary anymore and you can decrease their duration. Also possible, the situation is opposite and then you need to find extra fifteen minutes for yourselves. Everything depends on you!

What kind of sensations should appear during “Pumping”?

Sensations can be very different. Everybody has his own sensations, but the common sensation is the move of energy on and through the body. Try to analyze what is going on in your body during exercises. Sweet or acid taste in mouth, warm, cold, pricking, gravity in hands, or legs become numb, or back is tired, etc – these are physical sensations and it is necessary to fix them to get the stable Consciousness position. Sometimes it is difficult to define by words the sensation. Then you can at least localize those sensations and say are they pleasant or unpleasant.

There is no doubt that Man has subtle Bio-Field. But 7 meters are too many I think. People see Aura at 40-50 cm distance from man body, and nobody see it at 7 meters distance from body. Could you explain it, please?

Man has the complex of field structures with different characteristics (shape, etc). Existing of 7-meters Sub-Consciousness field is proved and determined experimentally. Everybody who studies our method is able to measure this field.

How the energy transit from one space to another?

Explosion of super-new star initiates the appearance of substance and energy in material space. Appearance of black hole is accompanied by disappearance of energy and substance from material space. Man is necessary for Nature to exchange energy and information between material and nonmaterial spaces. Man does not have to do anything for this. He is already created so that one half of his cerebrum (left one) is responsible for Sub-Consciousness function, i.e. connects with physical body, or material world, and the second half of cerebrum (right one) connects with Super-Consciousness function, or nonmaterial world.

Should we understand that when we sleep we pump the energy from material world into nonmaterial world, and the other way around — when we don’t sleep we pump the energy into material world?

Yes, it is so. This is the only one explanation of sleeping necessity. Nobody can explain yet why Man needs to sleep. During sleeping our cerebrum works according to scheme that is completely differ from day scheme (when we awake up). Our eyes are the key. Bronnikov method teaches us how to control this mechanism.

Why we are not allowed to close our eyes during the lesson although sensations with closed eyes are much better then with opened eyes?

See the previous question. When we close eyes we send the energy into nonmaterial space, but we don’t enhance the position of our Consciousness. We won in sensations quality but we lose the possibility to conscious regulate the whole mechanism of interactions between Super-Consciousness and Sub-Consciousness.

What is the purpose of fields measuring? What we get from this? On my mind this is unnecessary.

As any other exercise of Bronnikov method this exercise has multifunctional meaning. 1. This is the extension of vibrations diapason perception. 2. This is the practicing in objectivity of measuring, that is important for man because he can see in practice that there are real field structures and he works with them. 3. Field measurement is the important indication both for Learner and his relatives that energy potential is growing. Therefore nobody “vampire” him. 4. Finally, this is scientific work.

Is it possible that man does not have subtle field at all?

The field reflects the state of vitality. Sometimes a field can almost coincide with body shape, and in some cases body even does not send energy to the material space, but on the contrary takes it from there, and craters are formed as “black holes”. Such person already balances on the border of life. But the most remarkable that only few lessons are necessary to grow up the field of such person. Then organism recognizes and remembers how to keep returned norm.

Why sometimes during the lesson we have yawning?

When you eat you feed up the Sub-Consciousness body, body is digesting food, other body functions are going slower, and you have yawning. During our lessons your energetic structures “eat” energy. If you are beginner your organism is energetically hungry. It is possible to compare our energetic lesson with overeating by Super-Consciousness body. During the first lessons many people have yawning and sleepiness. The same process is going during lecture because of overeating by Consciousness body. After 3-4 lessons (lectures) all these symptoms pass.

Can the energy of partner be negative?

Sun is shining. Is it positive energy or negative? If you stay for some time at the beach you can become nicely tanned (positive effect) or you can burn yourselves (negative effect). Thus, you should know how to use sun energy literally. If you work with partner, you and he possess the energy. This energy is not positive or negative. Only the Information of you or your partner can be negative. If you work literally you are able to neutralize this negativity.

When is it better to do exercises, in the morning or in the evening?

The time does not mean so much. Do it when it is convenient for you. Remember only that exercises produce relaxation effect on one man and stimulate another man. The second type of man is not able to sleep for few hours after exercises.

Why do you perform all exercises with opened eyes, but energetic splash with closed eyes?

Doing the Splash we transfer energy from one space to another. The rest of exercises work with energy only in surrounding space.

Can all my family study Bronnikov Method?

Yes, of course. Furthermore, you described the ideal situation. All my family has studied this method and not only my family. Believe me that family relations become much higher including the mode of life. This is one more point of contact. Theme that is interested to everyone. Another advantage is the possibility to help each other in any moment. And much more.

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