George the Victorious Slaying the Dragon
Horse - ezoteric knowledge
Spear - idea
Dragon - the system of laws
Slaying the Dragon means Mastering the System. 
The one who had mastered the knowledge controls the idea, controlling (but not killing) the system, but woman controls the system (in Russia there are only two icons depicting woman leading the Dragon) Bronnikov Method
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Every day you should do at least one step in your business. Step by step, drop by drop you should go to your aimed target.
-- V.M.Bronnikov

The 1st stage of Bronnikov method

The 1st stage of Bronnikov method is now available as video film "ECOLOGY OF THE SPIRIT".
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  Theory part II

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Energetic Informational Field Structures of Man

All exercises of Method are aimed not only to develop Man organisms energetic state, but also to develop Man ability to interact with other man with exchange and mutual complementation of their energies. Badly developed Man defends himself from elses energy. Our System is aimed to exchange and mutually complement energies of partners. For this purpose we need to develop certain qualities in ourselves, we need to teach our energy to interact. Usually, when people interact with each other, their energies antagonize. But when they do our exercises, energy exchange is activating, and finally the Whole arises. Near relation people should have the Whole united energetic state. It makes a family much stronger.

There are many examples, when people come to study Method to solve different personal problems (health, capabilities development etc), and they solve them, but at the same time relations in their families are also improving a lot. People, who learn the Method, stop to drink, to smoke all bad habits go away. If we develop energy state in the right way our good qualities begin to prevail, and bad ones disappear.

If we imagine the Man as a certain point in the center of round, then the round is his Surrounding. Interacting with different people, being in different situations the Man permanently destroys his own contact round, i.e. his contact round is not an ideal permanent image but always changing one. To keep the ideal image we should know certain rules.

We are talking about Four Angels of Light or Scheme of Idea Objectivization (pic.9). If material part and reasonableness of Man prevail, then he loose physical power. If nonmaterial world prevails, then Man looses his fantasy, imagination, ability to program situations.

Scheme of Idea Objectivization. 
Four Angels of Light

Pic.9 Scheme of Idea Objectivization. Four Angels of Light

The Man should be able to do something physical, material, and at the same time to program the situations. Nonmaterial Space is the space of situation programming, it links with our feelings. Between material and nonmaterial worlds there is BARDO Space, where is the Angel of Wisdom all that links with Earth, with our needs. If Man thinks only about his needs, Angel of Need prevails. As a result he looses a certain Center. The second Angel Angel of Grace (BARDO) is a future, a fantasy, dreams. Unfortunately, many people do not think what will be tomorrow. They live by Today, although everything depends on them. The more global philosophical conceptions the bigger the inner potential.

By other words, if Man is concentrated on all four directions simultaneously his state is stable. He creates the stable holographic form because Energy goes at the same place with Thought. Imagine now that Man is fixed only on one direction. It means that energy develops in this direction, but nothing is going in other directions. We have to be able to keep the stable Holographic form! How we can perform this?

The first, we look at the Man, at his energy state, and compare these data with ideal scheme. It is known that ideal Man has a sphere shape of Super-Consciousnesss subtle field. This shape depends on Consciousness (egg-shape field) and Sub-Consciousness (apple-shape field). If one of these two prevails then ideal sphere shape will be distorted. Distortion consequence will be presented by pathological changes of different functions. Thus, it is really necessary to have an ideal shape, but it strongly depends on Sky-Earth system. It is of great value that in our system we work with partners. All our exercises considerably enhance Man energy state, and as result pathologies go away.

Inside our organisms we have essence nature i.e. we consist of many subtle material objects. For example, human heart has done not only from muscles, but it has also subtle field structure. About other organs we can say the same. Together they form the united structure of subtle bodies. As soon as they displace, many pathologies come. Therefore the aim of our exercises is not only to normalize the energy state in general but also to activate and correct subtle field structures of organs. In this case medicinal effect is the by-product.

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